THE List


THE List, November 2017 Edition: The Hype About Glamour and Real Estate, Gorgeous Hillside Bungalow Acerage FOR SALE, Oct Market #YEG Action, Best Fee for Service Packages - Employee Benefits, Testimonials and Your Referrals, Holyrood or Hollywood?, Winter Concrete Blues?, and Much More...

THE List, October 2017 Edition: Home Owner Horrors, Halloween Feature, Employee RE Benefits Program, September Market Action, Why Waste? Energy and Resource Auditing, The Referral Club, New Home Builder Relationships, and More...

THE List, September 2017 Edition: Appreciation or Property Bubble?  Corporate RE Benefits Program, August Market Action, Testimonials, Best Priced Entry Level Condo in YEG, Solar Shingles, and Much More

THE List, August 2017 Edition:  July Market Action

THE List, July 2017 Edition: Is Big Data a Big Deal for Real Estate?  June Edmonton Market Action, Corporate RE Benefits Programs, Urban Gardeners, Flooring Types, and More...

THE List, June 2017 Edition: Making #Low Ball Offers, June 2017 Market Action, Real Estate Benefits Program for Your Team, Urban Gardeners Growers, Radon Gas?, and What are Dower Rights?

THE List, May 2017 Edition: The BIG LIST real estate event?, Company RE Benefits Program?, May Market Action, Urban Gardeners, Basement Cracks, and Joint Tenancy vs Tenancy in Common?, and More

THE List, April 2017 Edition: #ExploreAbilities #Accessibility and Real Estate, Real Retailers of Edmonton Central, March Market Action, Video Interview w/NuEnergy Net Zero Construction, What's a BIA and more!

THE List, March 2017 Edition: Real Estate Agent Myths...Debunked, Don't Become Bride or Groomzilla, Feb 2017 YEG Market, New Office: Whyte Avenue, What's a RPR?, and Upcoming Q&A about Net Zero Buildings w NuEnergy

THE List, February 2017 Edition: Are You a Property Virgin? The Test (#Feb First Time Buyer), Year End Market, TLC for Valentines - Your Referral, Win a Date Night, and Children's Miracle Network, and Forget the Groundhog: Buyers Coming Out?


THE List, December 2016 Edition: Reflecting Back, Looking Forward, Trends 2017, Consigliere

THE List, November 2016 Edition: Real Estate Robots?  Perfect Storm for Buyers, Future of Commercial Buildinigs in Alberta: Mosaic Centre, Property Automation, New to Canada Buyers, RE/MAX The Convention Video *Funny*, and More

THE List, October 2016, PROPERTYOWNER HORRORS,Halloween Special Edition

THE List, September 2016 Edition: Bauhaus Inspired: 124 Street District Condo Project, New to Canada Financing, Home Automation, Hot or Not Neighborhood Sales, GST and Real Estate, Urban Growers and Gardners, and RE/MAX New Guy Video *Funny*, and More...

THE List, August 2016 Edition: Buzz on New 124 Street District Condo Project, New to Canada Financing, Maintenance Free Myths, Hot or Not Neighborhood Sales, Material Defects, Urban Growers and Gardners, and RE/MAX Reject *Funny*, and More...

THE List, July 2016 Edition: Drone Captures Acerage for Sale Beaumont, Where is the Warehouse, Hot or Not Neighborhood Sales, Land Use, Urbanscapes, and Gardening Growing, Disappearing Agent Video *Funny*, and More...

THE List, June 2016 Edition: Warehouse Search, Hot or Not Neighborhood Sales, Condo Resource Community, Re/max is Whack Rap Video, Land Use and Gardening, and More.
Jorj Sayde
Jorj Sayde